Doug Delivers | Ria Burman

Doug, a middle-aged Christian, stumbling across the western plain for the first time, accepts it all gladly with a smile on his face, a chuckle bounce to his belly walk and a youthful twinkle in his open eyes. He is after all, born in the week of acceptance.

“San Francisco is the only city you can ride a bike, naked, smoking a joint and not get arrested. I saw that last night.” He says, sipping his coffee.

His eyes, gentle and kind glaze over as he replays the night’s events in his mind. He nods and says yup, as he sips his coffee. His vibration is calm, time does not exist here, only the distant sound of waves on a shore. I wonder if he’s made from shells.

“Hell, maybe I’ll go out today naked, smoke a joint and bike around with my tour book or a T-Shirt that says, print my logo here, or else!” He says, chuckling.

Ria Burman merges word play with foreplay, which sometimes gets her into some deliciously sticky situations. She is currently writing her first novel called LoveLove, which is filled with love, adventure, philosophy, self-discovery and erotica, all wrapped up in surrealism. She has an ongoing lovewonderthought blog She licks the bowl when she’s finished eating. She listens to Tom Waits and drinks tea.



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