Magazines & Blogs

Life After Delhi – Susanna Wickes’ newest blog.

Cheesecake in Delhi – a collaborative blog about city life by Susanna Wickes, Maegan Chadwick-Dobson and Udita Banerjee.

20 Something Magazine – Daily news and features, culture and entertainment, and community and well-being for the most diverse generation ever.

Little Bones – Miriam Vaswani’s collection of news, reviews and ill-tempered rants.

The Way and the Wayfarers – Neil Hilton and Mika Machálek travel the world, and blog about it.

Unbrave Girl – the international musings of Sally, the self-confessed scaredy cat.

The Eastern Blog – Murielle Gandre’s year in Russia


Susanna Wickes – writing and photography

Images by Vidyun Goel – photography

Élodie Alexandre – ceramic art and illustration

Siddharth – graphic design and writing

Colleen MacDonald – photography