Brandi Dawn Henderson is a traveling writer, on regular journeys that prove truths to be no strangers to fictions. She’s been an Indophile since 2007, and has spent the past few years bouncing between winters in India and summers in Alaska. Some of her favorite things include puns, peaches, freckles in the shapes of things, and Susanna Wickes. She wrote a relatively successful expat column and an utterly unsuccessful advice column for a year in New Delhi, and has had work published in Mason’s Road Literary Journal, JMWW, Three-Quarter Review, 20 Something Magazine, Lost Literary Magazine, Time Out Delhi, Urbanite Magazine, Dillinet Magazine, First City Magazine, and (of course), Outside In Literary & Travel Magazine. She now resides on the Oregon Coast with her boyfriend, dogs, and a pretty consistent mouthful of Dungeness Crab. She blogs at


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Vicki Valosik is a writer, photographer, and synchronized swimmer. She hails from the landlocked state of Tennessee, but fancies herself a traveling aquaphile, seeing the world one pond, billabong, and blue hole at a time. When on dry land, she works at an international nonprofit in Washington DC and hangs out with such terrestrials as her husband and cats, but keeps a swimsuit ready just in case. Find out more at



Assistant Nonfiction Editor

Rosa Lia is a writer and photographer from England, but she’s been told her accent is Irish (and Australian and American). Her travels have led her to sleeping in canyons, seeing the earth’s guts inside volcanoes, breaking into Maya ruins at night, celebrating Christmas in the Mexican jungle, and digging sewerage in Kinshasa. Oh, and getting lost. A lot. Thankfully other people come with maps and blankets. She hits the road again in October, location TBC. Look out for her blog posts on The Huffington Post


Susanna is Cold.Senior Editor Emeritus 

Susanna Wickes is a writer, photographer, teacher and Bollywood addict from Scotland. She lived in Delhi for two years where, amongst other things, she studied Hindi and cultivated a dangerous chai habit. Now she teaches English at a university in Inner Mongolia and continues to make semi-insightful observations on life overseas at


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Miriam Vaswani writes for international publications, and has lived and worked in Canada, Scotland, Russia, England, Myanmar and Germany. She’s travelled extensively and despite dodging bullets, charming irate border guards and climbing the highest peaks in Sri Lanka and Scotland, her greatest travel moments involve people inviting her into their homes for tea. When she’s not writing fiction she’s writing and editing technical documents and miscellaneous corporate texts, along with a bit of journalism, a bit of teaching and a bit of voice work. Before that, she was researching abuse prevention legislation and helping to reshape homelessness services in Glasgow. A long time before that, she was self-publishing bad teenage poetry in her Canadian hometown. Miriam is interested in original, subversive narratives that fuel discourse, and telling you about the thing she just found at the fleamarket. She blogs at and tweets at@miriamvaswani


KellyPoetry Editor

Kelly Ann Jacobson spends most of her free time writing poetry, nonfiction, or novels about crotchety old men with whom she identifies strongly. She received her undergraduate degree summa cum laude from GW in Women’s Studies, and is currently pursuing her graduate degree from Johns Hopkins University in Fiction. Along the way she has had many part time and volunteer jobs to pay the bills, including ballet teacher to hyper three and four year olds, writer and editor of a prisoner rehabilitation newsletter, and assistant to an elderly political activist who spent a good amount of time on craigslist searching for partners. She currently lives with her boyfriend and crested gecko in Northern Virginia in an old house with a zen garden and too much furniture. Her work can be found at


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Shenan Prestwich is a Washington, DC-based poet, editor, serial hobby collector, and over-confident dancer. She’s been living by Robert Hunter’s edict that “once in awhile you get shown the light in the strangest of places if you look at it right” ever since she heard it in a Grateful Dead song long ago, and enjoys sojourns up mountains and down rivers, compulsively kicking over every stone along the way. Her poems have been published in a wide variety of venues both online and in print, and she co-edits Prompt & Circumstance, a monthly prompt-centric source of creative literary kick-starting, along with its corresponding quarterly journal, Promptly. In addition to her literary pursuits, she enjoys long drives, fast bluegrass, old scotch, excessive hospitality, the great outdoors, good people, and bad karaoke. You can follow her adventures in all these things and more at


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Erin P.T. Canning is a precise editor by day and creative writer by night. Her passions include traveling the world; reading Jane Austin; watching Marvel movies; and discovering the perfect word, that “certain slant of light,” that releases endorphins and elicits giggles. After earning her bachelors in literature from The American University, she spent six years editing a monthly science magazine near her hometown in northwest New Jersey. However, deprived of cultural stimuli and Cosi’s bread, she decided to quit her job in the middle of an economic recession and move back to the D.C. area. When she’s not editing government publications, she attends Johns Hopkins University where she is working toward her masters in fiction and writing her first epic novel. She lives with her amazing husband and two spoiled cats in Maryland. You can follow her journey via twitter, @eptcanning.