The Flower That Never Bloomed | Paloma Garcia-Couoh (Age 8)

(Read Margaret Elysia Garcia’s introductory essay to her daughter’s work here.)

A bud. The bud never bloomed.
It got smaller and never bloomed.
It got bigger but still did not bloom.
But one day a witch came by and
said this flower needs to bloom.
So she started singing:
“Bloom! Bloom! Bloom! My beautiful bud!”
Then out of the blue?
Came a beautiful flower.

Paloma Garcia-Couoh has submitted her work to New Moon Girls and American Girl Magazine this year, but this is her first publication. When not writing, she practices quilting, cooking and cake decorating in 4-H and takes gymnastics, guitar, and art lessons. Her favorite heroines are Pippi Longstocking, Carmen from Spy Kids, and PJ Harvey.


  1. Paloma, I love the stars decorating the stems of your flower in the illustrations. It adds an element of magic. I look forward to reading more of your work in the future. Thank you for submitting to Outside In.

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