Timestamp | Kelly Ann Jacobson


In New York City two tourists arrive
on separate trains; lose each other
between identical coffee shops;
embrace, so close they almost love.
Both girls share a Delftware closet
passing as a room near Times Square
from which they leave only to see
theater productions; their view
is a brick wall, but they close
the curtains. They prefer
the black box to the grand stage,
and spend two breathless nights
watching Rent’s last run. On the wall
they sign their names and dates
in a heart-encompassed stamp,
marking their first and last
escape from responsibility.

Kelly Ann Jacobson is a MA in Fiction student at Johns Hopkins University in Washington, DC. She has had poems published in Wooden Teeth magazine and Outside In Literary & Travel Magazine, short stories published in The Exhibitionist Magazine, and a four part blog on life2pointoh.com. Her work can be found at www.kellyannjacobson.com

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