Premonitions | Ujwalla Bhandari

rangoli 2012

My poems have a way of
coming true.

I write myself crazy
and write you
I write us in anticipation and
wait for the universe.
I’m worse
than the idiots you pity
aren’t I.

If the tears I wrote yesterday
cry me dry
How long will it be
until we
love each other?

I think my poems are
how I pray.

Whoever’s up there and answers prayers or
doesn’t –
Be gentle when you
read between these lies;
I live here.

I write us in anticipation and
Better late

than never.

Ujwalla Bhandari is a girl on the brink of adulthood. She wants to stay on this brink forever. She’s doing her postgraduate studies in psychology and hopes to understand people in more ways than just what the books say. She sees, hears, and loves with her heart, and doesn’t believe in logic. She writes her soul through poetry, the most beautifully illogical thing in the world.

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