Stepping into Character | Jordan Peterson

What is travel (good travel) if not an avenue for stepping into another life for a bit of time? Do we not wear different masks when we cross borders, act differently around our East Coast friends than the ones we keep in the west? Do we not costume ourselves with head scarves or bangles, Himalayan hats or board shorts? Actor Jordan Peterson shares his experience with stepping outside the borders of his normal life, and how, by standing in the shoes of written others, he has been able to understand something more about himself. 

 Jordan: “Community theater started as a way for me to stay busy, and stay happy. I left college with a BA in theatrical performance, which translates into very few job offers… for anything. When I moved to Boise ID, I jumped into community theater as a way to make friends, a way to stay busy while I looked for work. Performing in The 39 Steps would mark a year of living in Boise and a year of near constant performing. From performing Shakespeare, children’s theater, directing performance-shorts, musicals and comedies it’s been a well-rounded year. Shifting from singing “Eddie’s Teddy” in the Rocky Horror Show to playing a mental patient in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. Although I have met the goals with which I started out, I’ve also become more confident in my job, my art, and myself.”

Between August and September, a local community theater in Boise, Idaho obtained a permanent space after 31 years of productions. The 39 Steps, a comedy adapted by Patrick Barlow from the novel by John Buchan, was to be the theater’s first production in its new space as a kick-off to their 32nd season. The 39 Steps is a delightful comedy in which four actors take on the roles of every character portrayed in the classic Alfred Hitchcock film by the same name. Stage Coach Theater was proud to put on this wonderful production directed by Curtis Ransom, starring John Buffington, Anastasia Van Allen, Aimee Nell Smith, and Jordan Peterson. Below are a few stills from the production curtsy of Stage Coach Theater ( and Paul Budge (

Jordan Danger Peterson was raised in Idaho, educated in Washington, and adventured around the world. Jordan enjoys theatrical productions and occasionally performs in them. He writes, takes photos, and ponders.  Working in a cube with plenty of space to dream of circles and loops. Jordan enjoys reading books, watching movies, and drinking coffee. His mother says he is the most talented person she knows, and she knows well over 100 people.

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