Glacier I/Breaking Beauty | Neelam Patel

My body is an ice glacier
Some winters packed up tightly,
Ice sculptures of well kept sadness
A blue sheet holds in a terrified scream
Hugged on all sides by mountains
that are so zealous to race to the sky,
the clouds, impressed, reach down
to give a thousand kisses.
This glorious ice gives way
To a triumphant crack,
A thunderous roar,
Out pours my sadness
in cold rivulets, agile
Ages of historic ice
frozen pockets charging into
falls encouraged by wildflowers
then hesitating back into deep stillness
when a tired pool
collects my senses
Until courage
Takes hold again, I cry it all out
Again into a gushing, gushing river
All the while, still elevating
in equal velocity straight to the sky.
Sunbeams touch new surfaces,
Freshly opened.
My body is a glacier
My beauty is in my breaking.
copyright 2012
Neelam is an actor/poet/playwright/dancer/IT project manager based in the nation’s capital.  Right now, she’s entranced by the delicious Alaskan beauty, and is soaking up its luminous, breathtaking fall colors while her eyes have the chance.  She hopes you get to experience it soon if you haven’t already!  You can reach her at

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