A Journey Into Stop Motion | Andy Anderson

This stop motion film was very experimental, testing my capabilities to creating such a film without any training or know-how. I have always been fascinated by the flow of stop motion, and the kind of movement that only stop motion can create. I think the characters used in this type of film are made so much more intense by the fact that such lifeless subjects appear to be acting. The less fluid the shots run together, the more eerie and intense the subject’s actions become. I believe this effect applies best with a more dark or sad-natured film. The best example of this, in my opinion, would be the work done by the Quay Brothers. It was their work that inspired me to even attempt this small film.

I used little to no equipment — just a camera, and the i-movie program that comes standard on your Mac laptop. No tripod, no lighting, and props found only in my room. It was, simply, an experiment to see how such a film might turn out. My curiosity and considerable excitment made this project so much fun, and the finished product coming together was enough reward in itself. If it hadn’t proven extremely time consuming, I would immediately begin a second attempt. I suppose I will look forward to putting together another stop motion film when my next idea brings back that excitement for creation.

Andy Anderson an artist living in Indianapolis, Indiana. He is fascinated by the emotional extremes that art can cause, as well as channel, like nothing else in life can.

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