Bulgaria Bright | Iliana Vassileva

It is simple living, but filled with love for the land that gives life, which holds creativity and beauty in every single thing — gorgeous landscapes whispering about the magnificent nature of that small, unknown, unique place on Earth called Bulgaria.

The variety of many nationalities explains the strange but extremely unique mix of cultures that have reached a common state of existence out of respect for each other.

Is Bulgaria a poor country? Though the wallet is light, the soul nevertheless doesn’t stop dreaming nor striving for a better future, toward a brighter tomorrow.

Is Bulgaria a small country? It sure is, and at the same time, everything is available at one hand distance – the seaside, the breathtaking (figurative and metaphrastic) mountains, the cuteness of the small quiet villages right next to charm of the big city where you can hide yourself in the crowd.

What keeps us still alive and gives us hope? Well, humor… in all its forms. I know, crazy, huh?

Iliana Vassileva is an adventure-lover, always recharging her batteries by taking shots and enjoying life for its surprises. She’s in constant search for ways to get to a new destination, exploring spots, and meeting colorful crazy peeps. Being a dangerous vegan, she always tries to spread the word and make one out of you, yourself. Currently graduating in Business Administration, she is stubbornly searching for a job that has nothing to do with it. whilet the same time giving her best to learn the Art of Professional Sewing, working at a Gift Shop, riding her bike like craaazy around the whole city and investigating what is the minimum amount of money she’s able to live on.

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