The Diamant | Melina Holl

The long, lazy summer days we spent on the tall wooden sailing ship The
Diamant were comprised of the renewal of the most thoughtful childhood
fantasies coupled with a freshly formed collection of memories which
reminded me that being all grown up is, contrary to popular belief, not so
bad after all.

The sweet cry of Amazing Grace on the bagpipes signaled a dawn of renewal
as God tapped on the sun’s shoulder until she opened her eyes, as if to
say “It is good” one more time in unison with the crew raising the ship’s
sails. The collection of massive white sheets grasped the power of the
wind and the sea in its clutches, thrusting the boat forward and onward. A
pod of dolphins treated The Diamant to a game of tag as their synchronized
movements shuttled them from one side of the ship to the other in one
perfect, singular motion.

Both the journey and the destination were in perfect sync as we pulled
into a secluded cove and set anchor. I cleared my throat and cried out
with my very best jungle call as I swung wildly off the side of the ship
from a knotted rope swing, plunging into the salty bath below. Shrieks of
laughter ensued as the other guests followed suit, hurling themselves into
the warm, azure sea. Small, milky white fish swam around our ankles as we
tried in vain to hop on our bouyant turquoise loungers but couldn’t
because our belly laughs prevent even the smallest of feats. Snorkeling
brought us face to face with schools of tang, vast coral jungles, and the
graceful sway of baby squid, unimpressed by our unrelenting voyeurism.
Long after the sun waived its final good-bye to the world, we continued to
drink Grenadian beer while we played dice games, laughing wildly as we
tried to “best” each other with outrageous stories about life as we know
it in “the real world” and the trivia surrounding exactly what 6th degree
separated us.

It was an entire week of individually prescribed bliss – some read or took
naps while others swam…some went ashore while others relaxed onboard. It
was a week of unexaggerated extremes. Not one worthy moment was missed.
Every opportunity was exactly what we chose to make it…every moment was

My soul longs to return to the sea. My heart longs for The Diamant

Melina Holl consider’s herself a fabulist – teller of the modern day fable. She
is new to writing, but figures practice makes perfect.
Besides, she loves the art of storytelling — plain and simple. Her one
desire is that whoever makes the choice to read her work will get out of
it exactly what they were destined to.

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