Dare To Go Where You Fear | Erin Grover

Once upon a time, in the midst of war, I went to Afghanistan with one hundred dollars to my name, a one-way airplane ticket and no promise of a job. Even though it seemed insane and frightening, I went because of my belief in the human spirit and that ALL will work out. I will briefly share this and similar experiences to show that anyone (even little hippie chics like me) can overcome ALL obstacles. My presentation will be a challenge to go where one has always dreamed of going, but put off because of fear or doubt.

Erin Grover specializes in sharing the voices and events of social movements through writing, film, photography, and Internet media. She is an established speaker as a voice for peace and an inspiration for others to dare to face their fears by saying yes to their destiny. She blogs at http://blog.lizgrover.com/.

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