Naranjo De Bulnes: A Window to the High Mountain | Angel Cereceda

El Naranjo de Bulnes, located in the national park “European Peaks” in Spain, is one of the most impressive rock walls in Spain, with a height of 2,519 meters above sea level, and has contributed since its first ascensióin in 1904 to Spanish mountaineering history. An emblematic and beautiful landscape representing the high spanish mountains, with over 500 vertical meters, El Naranjo de Bulnes motivates climbers from various countries to climb its four big walls, especially in the west.

The simplest and most usual approach to Naranjo de Bulnes is to head to Sotres in a vehicle and to then follow the existing track to the hill of Pandébano in order to make the path to the Vega Uriellu at 1,960 meters where the shelter is located. The scenery is beautiful and the path from its slopes can capture the view of the magical town of Bulnes.

The shelter at Uriellu Vega is certainly impressive, and seeing that massive Naranjo stone with 500 meters of height is enough to awaken deep humility in anyone.


Angel Cereceda is an architect, permaculturist, and natural builder. He is fond of climbing and photography, and has been consistently taking pictures since 2002 in his trips, events of interest, and private orders. In recent years, his photography has been concentrated in Mexico, Spain, India, and Thailand. He currently resides in Mexico and Almería.

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