Seeking Moksha | Nishant Shukla

This series of photographs has evolved from a Hindu pilgrimage I undertook on foot. Having collected holy water from Gomukh, the source of the Ganga in Uttarakhand, I wandered through old pedestrian routes in the Himalayas following the path of the river. Walking through the landscape, I encountered pilgrims and devotees — some who were traveling, others who settled along the banks of the river seeking enlightenment in one way or another. This body of work explores the spiritual seeker. This is a work in progress.

Nishant Shukla (b.1982) grew up living between the U.K, India and Saudi Arabia. He received a first class honors degree in Photography & Digital Imaging in 2008 and along with it the ‘Vice Chancellors’ Award’ from the University of West London to pursue an MA in Photography. He has exhibited at freshfacedandwildeyed’09 at The Photographers’ Gallery London, The Nikon Discovery Awards,Photomonth 2010, Watermans, PM Gallery and other group shows in London. 
Nishant also works with underprivileged groups in both the UK and India, organising workshops in photography. 
His commissions & publications include work for New York Times, Wallpaper UK, Motherland Magazine, The Sunday Guardian, Caravan, Wieden+Kennedy, GQ, Vogue, LS:N Global, Elle Decor, Platform Magazine and The British Journal of Photography.
He works between Delhi & London.

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