Leaving Home | Chris Gebrosky

 “Leaving Home” is a piece that illustrates the moment in time I left the city of Pittsburgh and opened myself up to the world. A moment which made me realize that everyone’s life is a journey. Breaking out of my home town really set the gears in motion for this to happen. So, in a sense, this was my first big step into the real world. It was the path to future adventures, understandings and experiences; therefore the key for me was leaving home.



Chris Gebrosky is a talented artist/illustrator at Excel Sportswear, Trafford PA. He received his multimedia degree from the Pittsburgh Technical Institute and has been actively in pursuit of his dreams ever since. Skilled in various forms of art media, Chris’ work has been featured in local galleries in and around Pittsburgh and Washington DC. In his earlier years he worked for two years as an illustrator for an online comic strip called Our Bad Idea, donated artwork to charity, and worked as a freelance artist. Currently, alongside his full time position, he is creating a smart phone game application with people in California, Germany and Pittsburgh. Chris can be contacted at chrisgebrosky@gmail.com.

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