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Get Your Fix With Issue Six

Welcome back, travel pup babies! We’re quite pleased you’ve come back to view the likes of Issue Six, because (not to be overly grand, but) it’s probably the most amazing collection of travel and culture stuff you’re likely to find on the entire interweb.

This month, we’ve got a scene from a Soviet hospital; a romp through a nudist beach in Croatia; a deep breath at a cabin in New Hampshire; an emotional airplane descent into New Zealand; a first international step for an Indian moving to Scotland; a glimpse into the lives of low-income, elderly artists in Washington, DC; a shimmy through a Spanish festival, and other stimulating (of the brain – geeeez!) content you’ll find when you grant yourself the gift of clicking around through Issue Six. (Obviously, you don’t want to miss out on the creaminess of this month’s Microjourneys.)

As for us, our editorial thrones are both placed in some pretty royally cool soils this month. Susanna has arrived in Inner Mongolia, and has already used her oozing Scottish charm to get a free milkshake. She’s also been eating a bunch of fascinating food-things, taking photographs of various depictions of Panda Bears, and will hopefully receive a package I sent her soon (which I told her, under no circumstances, should she open unless she’s completely alone, as I’m not entirely sure what can get a girl thrown into prison in Inner Mongolia, after all).

I’m still here in Alaska, though my time here is draining out of the hourglass at what seems like an awfully rapid rate. Bear sightings have slowed down a touch, but I’ve found a new passion in drawing stuff on animal bones with Sharpies. I’m getting incrementally better at flyfishing, and have developed a coping strategy for the seemingly cruel act of slashing hooks into things’ mouths, in that I’ve committed to giving all the fish compliments and bits of gratitude before releasing them (and their sore mouths) back into the river. “You’ve some lovely scales falling off there, Miss Trout! Good luck in your continued molting! Thank you so much for your participation in my entertainment!”

As always, we look forward to updates about what you’re doing out there in the world, and are always accepting submissions on the various ways in which you’re throwing off the bowlines, as they say.

Moose Hugs and Panda Kisses,

Brandi Dawn Henderson and Susanna Wickes


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