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Come Jive with Issue Five

Issue Eight Cover

Issue Five already, huh? Oh, how time flies when we’re spending it with the likes of you lovely literary pups. This month brings stories from Azerbaijan, Nigeria, Alaska, from Europe as a whole, from the insides of big ol’ books, from Cape Cod, from inside the mad minds of a duo of Scottish videographers, from India (also here), Belgium, Oman, Ireland, Uganda, Laos, and from Brazil (where a Mormon missionary is nearly – chillingly – stabbed).

Excuse us while we gasp for breath – that was a terribly (wonderfully) long list of places.


There are even more places represented if you count this month’s Microjourneys, but if that first list had been any longer, it probably would have killed us.

As for us, Susanna is leaving for Inner Mongolia next Thursday, and has been found guilty of doing much booty-shaking to Shakira (while simultaneously being an Olympics-hater) back in the homeland. A bit of moving-to-Inner-Mongolia nervousness has overtaken the dear gal, so I’ve agreed to write down my motivational message – You got this shit. 100% – and send it to her. If you also want to write this down, decorate it, and send it to her, email us at outsideinmagazine@gmail.com.

I have been driving jet boats, squealing Eeeeee! Every time a bear appears out the window, picking blueberries sunning their bellies on tundra-covered hills, and generally loving the heck out of this summer on the Copper River. I also squeal Eeeeee! every time we get a wonderful new submission, so keep them’s a’ comin’, too.

Big, fat, warm blueberry love,
Brandi Dawn Henderson & Susanna Wickes

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