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Your Paradigm Is Lookin’ Fine

Happy July, travel pups!

We couldn’t be more pleased with the submissions we received for Issue Four — from Oman, New Zealand, England via USA via India, Uganda, Nigeria, Scotland, and more. We’re excited about all the sharing of lives and cultures that’s happening, and encourage each of you valuable paradigm-holders to submit a piece of writing, photo essay, or short film that may help others to understand the place you come from in a new, deeper, shiny (or not) light.

As for us, Susanna’s got a super interesting short term gig in a rough part of Glasgow, in which she gets to go into really weird homes and pry into peoples’ personal lives. Read more about all that here. And me, I’m still loving my summer working in Alaska. So far, these are my favorite two sentences I’ve overheard (it just so happens — to my delight — that they occurred back to back):

“I helped a guy cut the head off a walrus one time, and — man — that was one of the worst things I’ve ever done.”

(The other guy considers this.)

“That reminds me of the time I slathered a horse’s lip with superglue.”

With that, we leave you with Issue Four. We hope you learn something new about this world we’re all sharin’, and that you’ll validate our beautiful contributors with loads of witty comments.

With love and warnings not to help anyone cut the head off a walrus,
Brandi Dawn Henderson & Susanna Wickes

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