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Reaching Out from the Inside

Apologies, dear readers, for seemingly falling off the face of this Earth of ours. It so happens that, while we didn’t quite fall off, both editors found ourselves doing the unthinkable: re-entering the places that would make us, respectively, unforeign.

That’s right. It’s that time in the flow of things in which we regroup and redefine next goals. For Susanna Wickes, it’s a bit of tourguidery in her homeland of Scotland, before landing in Inner Mongolia for her next adventure (where she’ll even have her own washing machine!) Follow her to China here (but you might want to take a coat!): www.lifeafterdelhi.wordpress.com

As for me, I’ve bounced from Seattle to Los Angeles to Portland to Idaho to try to sort out some of my own Outside In tangles, and expect that the unraveling will soon lead to the Next Big Plan.

And, finally, as a result of being saucer-eyed foreign locals ourselves, we’re looking to put together a book of essays on the topic of Reverse Culture Shock. We’re interpreting this as the experience one has when returning home after spending a period of time in an environment culturally/economically/emotionally different. As always, send these and any other Outside In submissions to outsideinmagazine@gmail.com.

Happy reading,

Brandi Dawn Henderson and Susanna Wickes | Editors

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