Outside In Literary & Travel Magazine

Pilot Issue (but without the jet lag!)

We couldn’t be happier to host our first collection of talented writers, photographers, illustrators, and videographers. In true Outside In form, we’ve received and accepted folks from all over the world, with all sorts of ways of seeing this blue n’ brown sphere we’re each spinning around on.

In upcoming issues, we hope to stick to promoting a myriad of points of view, and we’d love to include yours. Send us your submission any day, any time. We’d be pleased to take a peek.

Additionally, you can look forward to the addition of two blogs by we, the editors. We each have surprising, criss-crossy, global adventures of our own planned, and we’ll be packing you up to come along via blogland – the only hints we’ll give so far is that we hope you like half-boiled sheep livers and/or large apples.

Now, you literary passengers, unbuckle those belts and click open those overhead links.

We’ve landed.

Brandi and Susanna | Editors

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